Going Beyond

Heidrun EO-IR
Heidrun EO-IR

Throughout the last 10 years Sky-Watch have strived to push the boundaries of mini UAV systems to create the maximum value for our end-users. The lastest step on this path was taken in December 2019 where the UAVEndure II Project was officially launched. Supported by EU the project partners is working to bring to market a game changing technology that can disrupt the global UAV market by enabling small low cost UAVs to perform jobs that normally is reserved for large unammend or manned aircrafts.

As EU opens the airspace for UAV operations that goes beyond the line of sight the need for range within the commercial UAV applications will develop exponentially. The UavEndure II project will be the foundation for exploiting these future civilian market opportunities within cargo transport, agriculture and environmental monitoring where range is crucial.

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