Fuel Cell Integration

Fuel cell implementation begins

SKY-WATCH is now moving from testing on 3D printed prototypes to testing on a “dummy version” of the fuel cell. They are now working hard on establishing a stable baseline in the lab as preparation for the prototype from Kraftwerk that is already under way.

First initial steps of testing regulation and sensors
Fuel Cell Integration

Component verification

We have been working hard in on component selection. SKY-WATCH have been verifying functionality and regulation of the individual components.

Fuel Cell

Insulation concept is working

After establishing a simplified version of the hotbox SKY-WATCH was able to verify that the fixation and thermal materials are functioning as intended. Insulation concept is working A central core was heated to more than 800 °C and studied for material degradations in any functional areas.

Thermal insulation - Cold frame for fixation and insulation.

After verifying the concept SKY-WATCH engineered the coldframe that will function as mechanical interface for the hotbox/fuelcell unit. Next step is to verify components and start integration…

Fuel Cell UAV

Platform flight completed

In march SKY-WATCH completed several successful test flights. We now know the limits of our test platform and we can switch from vertical to horizontal flight.

The flight was done with extra weight and no fuel cell.